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Chef Giovanni Scorzo

About Us

Andreoli Italian Grocer, the authentic Italian restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona offering homemade, fresh, and organically created food prepared daily by master chef Giovanni Scorzo. Chef Scorzo, a Calabrian whose love for cooking began at his mother's side as a young child. He later trained at Instituto Alberghio di Stati and worked in Florence, Italy before meeting his wife and moving to the United States. Linda and Giovanni have created a true Italian eating experience; the antiques and shelves lined with Italian imports invite you to stay and enjoy. With dishes directly from the recipe books of his childhood, lovingly prepared fresh daily, the Scorzo’s welcome you to their restaurant where great food is a way of life and truly a family affair. From the delicious handcrafted bread, homemade salami and cheeses, to the tiramisu and espresso-everything is authentically Italian, and lip-smacking delicioso.

Una parola da capocuoco Giovanni

“Ringrazio mia moglie Linda Scorzo per il prezioso incoraggiamento a realizzare quest’ antico progetto. Adele Andreoli, mia madre, custode di molte ricette di nonna. I miei figli Francesca, Gian Paul, Angelino, mio padre Serafino e gli amici, miei assaggiatori prediletti e tutti coloro che hanno rallegratto le mie cene e che divulgano un lusinghiero apprezzamento alla mia cucina hanno contribuito all nascita di questo locale. Ho imparato la preziosa nozione di quanto sia importante e ricca la nostra tradizione proprio come tutta la cultura italiana. Devo percio a mamma Adele sia la mia conoscienza nel campo culinario, la sua straordinaria ricchezza e varieta. Mangiare e un rito che compiamo almeno due volte al giorno. Farlo bene signfica avere un a possibilita in piu di essere sani e felici. Grazie a presto!” Giovanni

Andreoli Italian Grocer

Andreoli Italian Grocer

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“Andreoli is the kind of restaurant that makes Italians a little less homesick. This authentic Italian market not only sells imported goods — they make their own takes on international classics in-house.”


“The term 'authentic' is habitually misused, but one could argue Giovanni Scorzo's seven-year-old slice of Italy is the embodiment of the word. A taste of Italy straight from the source.”


“An impressive selection of breads, cheeses, salami, sausage — even desserts, including the chocolates - are house-made, laying the groundwork for exceptional menu items and must-try daily specials.”


“It's impossible not to fall in love with the setting, a European deli meets antique salon, chock-a-block with rustic furniture and pretty packages of imported pasta, lentils, farina and olive oil winking from hutch shelves.”


“If you want a real piece of old-school Italy, you come to this place. The grocery store is an Italian cook’s dream: good olive oil, pasta, salumi, and all kinds of hard-to-find imported goods, not to mention an assortment of homemade cheeses, breads, pastries and desserts.”

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